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Video impression of the Fair in 2024


Cycle Route of the Year 2024


Five routes were nominated for the Cycle Route of the Year 2024. Ultimately, the Van Gogh Drenthe Cycle Routes won the trophy associated with this election.

Credit: ©Jessica de Korte

Cykelleden Skåne (Sweden), 570 kilometer

Credit ©Bert Sitters

Lech Radweg (Germany and Austria), 244 km

Credit: ©Mirre Oost

Unionsleden (Sweden and Norway), 350 km

Credit: ©Jessica de Korte

La Vélobuissonnière (France), 250 km

Credit: ©Bert Sitters

Hiking Route of the Year 2024


Five routes in Belgium and the Netherlands were nominated for the Hiking Route of the Year 2024. The Venntrilogie in Eastern Belgium turned out to be the winner.

Credit first three pictures: Ivonne Calis,

Rondje Limburg (Netherlands)

Oude Hollandse Waterlinie (Netherlands)

GRP573 Vesdre & Hautes Fagnes (Belgium)

Credit first two pictures: ©Ivonne Calis,

Van Dorestad naar Dokkum (Netherlands)

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