Visitors at the E-bike Challenge 2022 in Minneapolis

E-bike Challenge Minneapolis

This event is unique in the US. Nowhere else in the States can you try out so many different models of e-bike suppliers, test and compare them in an indoor setting. The E-bike Challenge reaches an audience that neither the manufacturers nor the bicycle shops can target.

In 2019, Hicle exported the concept of the E-bike Challenge from Europe to the States. The Minneapolis Convention Center was the stage for the first edition. In two days almost 2,800 attendees made more than 4,200 e-bike test rides on the largest indoor track in the USA.

The outbreak of the corona virus thwarted a new edition in 2020 and 2021. However, despite corona, Hicle managed to organize the Challenge again in 2022. One year later, the difficult market situation, with a serious labor shortage, high inflation, big logistic problems and high energy prices, forced Hicle to cancel the 2023 edition.

The organisation of the Challenge in Minneapolis is now looking at the possibilities for a new edition.

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