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Fair edition Wandelmagazine/Bike explorer

A combined edition of Wandelmagazine (Walking Magazine) and Bike Explorer will be published especially for the Fiets en Wandelbeurs 2024 in Utrecht and Ghent. The special edition offers the opportunity to reach 150,000 cyclists and walkers in the Netherlands and Flanders. Media partner Virtùmedia sends the one-off print edition of 25,000 copies to all subscribers of both magazines and is of course also available to Fiets en Wandelbeurs visitors. A digital edition of the combination issue will also be published and broadly distributed.

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Poland theme country Fiets en Wandelbeurs Utrecht

Poland is the theme country of the Fiets en Wandelbeurs in Utrecht in 2024. On February 23, 24 and 25, the cycling and walking opportunities in that country will be put in the spotlight in the theme country pavilion, in the Poland lecture room and in presentations. The theme country will also be part of the extensive publicity campaign of the fair.

Dates of events 2024 known

The dates have now been announced for the next editions of the Fiets en Wandelbeurs and the E-bike Challenge. The cycling and hiking season in the Netherlands will start on 23, 24 and 25 February 2024 with the Fiets en Wandelbeurs and E-bike Challenge in Jaarbeurs Utrecht. A week later, on March 2 and 3, 2024, the cycling and hiking festival continues in Belgium. Flanders Expo in Ghent will once again be the setting for the Belgian Fiets en Wandelbeurs in combination with the E-bike Challenge.

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E-bike Challenge instead of E-bike Xperience

Since 2016, the Fiets en Wandelbeurs took place in Jaarbeurs Utrecht together with E-bike Xperience. In 2024 there will be another combination with an e-bike test event, but then under the banner of 'E-bike Challenge', organized by Hicle. Since we already use the title 'E-bike Challenge' in Belgium and the United States, that name is a logical choice. In the field of communication and marketing, this ensures more uniformity and greater recognisability. Not much will change for you as an exhibitor. Of course, the Challenge also offers plenty of room to test e-bikes and speed pedelecs on large indoor courses, and the bicycle exhibitors will have their stands right next to the course.

Election Cycle Route of the Year 2024… let the battle begin!

The starter pistol has sounded for the election of the Cycle Route of the Year 2024. Anyone could register a route for this until the first of June 2023 at the latest. The nominees and winner can count on a lot of publicity and benefit from the spin-off of these elections for years to come. The cycle jury reveals the name of the best route of 2024 at the Fiets en Wandelbeurs in the Netherlands.

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Cycle Route of the Year

Hicle events in top gear

After three years of absence due to corona, the events of Hicle in Europe experienced a very successful edition in 2023. The combination of Fiets en Wandelbeurs Netherland with E-bike Xperience attracted no fewer than 26,594 visitors. In Belgium there was also a lot of interest in the Fiets en Wandelbeurs and E-bike Challenge. The organization welcomed 15,266 visitors. In short, Hicle Events is back on stage after the corona years.

Awards for EuroVelo 5 and Stellingenpad

The EuroVelo 5 in Belgium and the Stellingenpad in the Netherlands are the Cycle Route and Hiking Route of the Year 2023 respectively. The cycle jury was particularly charmed by the enormous variety that the EuroVelo 5 offers; you will find plenty of nature, industrial heritage and cycle through the center of Brussels, Namur and along Dinant. The hiking jury praised the solid and practical signposting at the Stellingenpad via nodes, the exceptionally beautiful and detailed guide, the original theme and the detailed historical background. She also saw the fact that the path runs through two national parks – the Drents-Friese Wolden National Park and the Weerribben–Wieden National Park – as an important plus.

We carry on!

One thing is clear: we will continue to work to realize great events. Because cycling, hiking and e-bikes are now more popular than ever. Of course, those events cannot take place without your support and trust. No fairs without exhibitors; we need your participation to set up another great event!

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The "Fiets en Wandelbeurs" (Hike & Bike Xperience) marks the start of a new hiking and cycling season in The Netherlands and Belgium. More than 850 exhibitors from the tourism, outdoor and cycling industry take part in it. They get to meet approximately 45,000 thrilled recreational hikers and cyclists.

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Challenging test-tracks, a great collection of e-bikes, speed pedelecs and e-mountain bikes and full opportunities to present them to the public. This is what E-bike Challenge is about. It's a grand scale e-bike test-event, held in Belgium, the Netherlands and Minneapolis (USA). An event for anyone who is interested in buying an electrical bicycle.

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The International Bike and hike Tourism Conference (IBTC) is our annual conference for cycling and hiking tourism professionals. The program is aimed at the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences to further develop this form of sustainable tourism.

The IBTC is a source of information, exchanges and inspiration in the field of active tourism.


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