Costs involved for participants 2022 Utrecht

You can calculate the cost of participation via 'My events', 'start a new registration'. Free of obligation. You are only committed to this registration when your participation is confirmed. If you also register for the Fiets en Wandelbeurs in Belgium, you will receive a discount.

Base Price
Participation package * € 50.00
Floor space € 103.00 per m²
Surcharge percentage island stand (less than 60 m²) (60 - surface) x 1.6%
Surcharge pecentage head stand (less than 30 m²) (30 - surface) x 1.6%
Surcharge corner-stand (less than 9 m²) € 263.00
Surcharge corner-stand (9 m² or more) € 0.00
Uniform stand (exclusive surface area) € 83.00 per m²
Surcharge stands of 2 meter deep € 25.00 per m²
Pantry 1 m² in the corner € 202.00
Pantry / storage cupboard 1 m² against a straight wall € 272.00
Pantry every m² extra € 70.00 per m²
Surcharge non-standard wall color € 70.00 per m
Extra frieze text up to 20 characters € 43.00
Fully furnished stand 9 m² € 2,280.00
Fully furnished stand 12 m² € 2,830.00
Fully furnished stand 15 m² € 3,565.00
Fully furnished stand 18 m² € 4,320.00
Fully furnished stand 21 m² € 4,936.00
Fully furnished stand 24 m²  € 5,746.00 
Collective Pavilion (including stall, chair and back wall) € 500.00
One bicycle on the test track (exhibitor with stand) € 0.00
Issue Point bicycles 3x3 m (Including 4 bicycles on the test track) (Exhibitor with stand smaller / bigger than 24 m² ) € 500.00 / € 0.00
Issue Point bicycles. From 5x3 m (Exhibitor without a stand) € 103.00 per m²

Other prices on request

* including administration fee, entrance tickets for the stand crew (number based on stand size, minimum of 2), promotional material to communicate your participation, company name on all exhibitors lists and invitation tickets for your business relations (number based on stand size, minimum of 2)  

Take advantage of a 10% discount now

Hicle also organizes the Fiets en Wandelbeurs in Belgium, which will take place on 19 and 20 February 2022 in Flanders Expo in Ghent. When registering for both Fiets en Wandelbeurzen, you will receive a 10% discount on the floor area. This only applies to the registration with the lowest amount of money. Also, units in collective pavilions are not eligible for a discount.

(Prices do not include VAT) 

Read also the General Conditions (pdf)