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Luxembourg, a new cycling country


The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg will be moving up to a higher gear in recreational cycling. In August 2021 there was a huge cycling festival entitled ‘Vëlosummer’, in which you could explore Luxembourg via twelve bicycle routes. Around 20,000 cyclists took part in this ‘cycling summer’ and set off undeterred by the cold and rainy weather.

cycling in Luxembourg on a PC

Photo ©FatPigeon

While the figure of 20,000 participants may seem unremarkable, the arrangements around Vëlosummer were remarkable. Cyclists who were setting off for a few days, could have their baggage transported free of charge to their next place of accommodation by This was not only available during the festival, but for the whole period between 1 April and 30 September. And cyclists touring around Luxembourg, can benefit the whole year round from another facility. Public transport is free there, and you can also take your bicycle on the train free of charge. Which will astonish many cyclists from other countries. 

Pistes Cyclables 

The Grand Duchy’s ambitions for cycling are grand. Many more cycling routes will be signposted. The extent of these Pistes Cyclables (PC’s) will increase from 600 to well over 1000 km. Which is quite a lot for a small country. Recently, new signposting has been put in place which not only give directions, but also indicate if there is a steep climb in the kilometres ahead, or a train station, POI etc. Furthermore, along the way cyclists will come across repair stations and a dispenser where they can buy new inner tubes for their tyres. And there are many more initiatives in the pipeline. 

Is the small state of Luxembourg becoming a big cycling paradise? This will all become clear in the following edition of the online IBTC. The Luxembourg ministers François Bausch - Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, Minister for Mobility and Public Works, and Lex Delles - Minister for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Minister for Tourism, will set out their policy for cycling and cyclists. 

Wednesday 19 January, 
10:30-11:15 Luxembourg – what it takes to be a successful cycling nation

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With about four lectures per day by professionals from all over Europe and about four Round Table Sessions per day, this third edition of the IBTC will once again be presenting a comprehensive programme of contents for everyone engaged in Bicycle Tourism on a professional basis. 

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