Press and promotion Mount Expo

Climbing and mountaineering are popular! Especially in the run-up to the new season. Before and during the fair, the media regularly pays attention to Mount Expo-related news.


The national and regional newspapers know that Mount Expo is an event that many of their readers are interested in. The climbing sport, outdoor sports articles and reports by well-known and lesser-known climbers will be in the spotlight prior to the fair.

Magazines and online media

With almost all well-known outdoor sports magazines, hiking newspapers and websites and Facebook pages aimed at climbing and hiking sports, we make good arrangements about attention for our events. So we immediately reach the right target group.

Social media

In the weeks prior to the fairs, we will be conducting an extensive campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Here we bring the products of participants to the attention.

Radio and TV

We make agreements with regional and / or national radio and TV stations about attention for Mount Expo.

Press releases

We distribute press releases widely, but above all also targeted. In the weeks before the fair, Mount Expo-related news is regularly released.

Press presentations

We offer tailor-made rooms with all facilities such as technical facilities, drinks and lunches. An excellent opportunity for press presentations of, for example, scoops.

Press agenda

Prior to the fair, we will distribute an agenda with an overview of the press moments. Your presentation can also be included in this.

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