Free exhibition space for an activity

Do you know an exciting, beautiful, playful or otherwise engaging activity that you think the fair makes more an experience? If you would like to realize this, we are happy to cooperate with you and offer you the required floor space for free.

Nowadays the public expects that a fair should be more than just a collection of stands. It should be more and more an experience. We would like you to involve in this, as you as an exhibitor, know our customers better than anyone.

What  you can think about

Some examples:


  • canoe pond
  • test track climbing agility
  • walking on stilts


  • exhibition of local architecture or painting
  • music on traditional instruments


  • walking experience with screen
  • walking on a conveyor-belt


  • tasting of local products


Mail a description of the activity along with your company details to . Please also add images of the activity.


The activity should appeal to the public.

The activity should not be an integral part of your own stand, it must be recognized as a separate component. There should be a connection between the activity and your own business activities but the activity may not increase its surface to provide its products.

The visibility of your company is on sponsor level. The extent of the entries as a sponsor, for example by using your company name or logo, must be in proportion to the actual performance. At the discretion of Hicle Events.

There is no automatic approval if the conditions above are met. In order to encourage the quality and to avoid double activities, we assess each application separately.

We provide the surface free of charge. The arrangement is to your account. There is no standard limitation on the maximum amount of free square meters.

Prior to notification, you should have registered as an exhibitor to the fair where you want to organize the activity.

We provide publicity for the activity through our websites, press releases and social media.