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Additional promotion

Participating with a stand at the fair is a nice step. But is it enough? We offer unique opportunities in the area of promotion and sponsoring on and beyond your own stand. To stand out! Your company name or logo on the exhibition floor or an advertorial in the fair's magazine for instance.

The possibilities:

Fair printing

All visitors receive a magazine and a floor plan. Edition of 15,000 copies.

Advertise by means of an ad or advertorial in the magazine or your logo on the map. Note: the advertising space in the magazine and the floor plan is limited.

Roll-up Banners

Your banner on the cycle track, at terraces or, for example, at the entrance.

Maximum dimensions (wxh) 1.50 by 2.00 meters.

Floor graphics

These graphics show the way to your stand or display your slogan or message. The route will be set out from the entrance to the hall up to your stand.

1. Route with floor graphics from the entrance of the hall to the stand.

2. Five floor graphics on the cycle course of Fiets en Wandelbeurs and E-bike Challenge.

Posters and banners

Display your slogan, brand name or logo at prominent locations:
  • near cafe terraces
  • along the cycle course of Fiets en Wandelbeurs and E-bike Challenge
Banner of ca. 2.00 x 3.00 m at a prominent location.

Beach flags

These eye-catchers can be placed at various locations on the fair's floor or at the entrance.

Beach flag of 0.90 x 3.80 m.

Promo stand

A stand at a strategic spot near the entrance to a hall, where you will be sure of intensive footfall 
(stand 2 x 2 m).

Need a printer?

You can have your promotional material printed by us. You supply the complete design and the specifications such as size, colour composition and such to us. We ensure that the promotion material is sited at your chosen location.

Prices on request.

Other options

If you would like more information or if you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at