Mount Expo concept

Concept of Mount Expo

Tailor-made information

Together with Fiets en Wandelbeurs, Mount Expo forms a rock-solid concept to offer your (mountaineering) materials, activities, services or information to a large and interested public. The information on offer should meet the needs of the public:

  • tailor-made
  • focused on what the visitor is looking for
  • presented thematic and well-organized
  • accessible and user-friendly
  • in a sporty atmosphere

Combination event

Visitors with a Fiets en Wandelbeurs or E-bike Challenge ticket also have access to Mount Expo and vice versa. The visitors of the Fiets en Wandelbeurs in particular come to Mount Expo. They have been described for years as highly qualitative visitors who are genuinely interested in the offer and are looking for information in a targeted way. Mount Expo is the perfect extension for the more adventurous cyclists and walkers. Your advantage: more sincerely interested visitors at your stand.

Visitors profile

Mount Expo started in 2015 as a fair for members of KBF (Climbing and Mountaineering Federation Flanders).

Characteristics of visitors

  • usually higher educated
  • 50% is between 20 and 45 years old
  • more than half have been members of the KBF for 5 years or more
  • 71% do sport climbing, 67% do mountain hiking

In the meantime, Mount Expo has grown into a fair for young and old, with more or less experience in the mountains. Not only KBF members, but also non-members find their way to Mount Expo. Visitors come to view the latest material, to purchase outdoor equipment, or are looking for a mountain holiday that suits them well.

Atmosphere, appearance and presentation

We organise Mount Expo around the requirements of the public. The range of stands on offer will be as comprehensive as possible. Keywords describing the character and the atmosphere of the event and thus also of the stands include:

  • experience
  • sportiness
  • leisure
  • holiday feeling

Your fellow exhibitors generally like to join these keywords.