Promotional campaign Online Experience

We have over 17 years of experience with promoting the Fiets en Wandelbeurs via online and offline media. The target group of our promotional campaign is the recreational cyclist and hiker in The Netherlands and Flanders.

Promotion via partners

We like working together with institutions, associations, clubs, magazines and social media-groups who focus on cycling, hiking and outdoor activities. We reach a committed club of cyclists and hikers through them. We do this with articles in magazines, mentions on websites, items in newsletters, ticket offers and via posts on their social media channels. 

Advertisements and banners

We place advertisements and banners in magazines and other media channels. 

Free publicity

We send out press releases at the right moment to a wide media audience of around 1500 addresses. There is always something to mention about cycling and hiking news, and the media loves to publish this. 


We have been working on influencer marketing before it was a concept. Influencers in the cycle and hike world tell their audience about our events. They even participate in our presentation and workshop program. 


Our newsletters reach around 30,000 enthusiastic cyclists and hikers in The Netherlands and Flanders. They are very interested in the event and your product or service. 

Social media

We campaign via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Not only through posts on our own channels, but also with sponsored posts. 

Ticket offers

We work together with many partners, like the ANWB and NS, to offer special ticket promotions. This brings extra attention to our event via their channels.

Special offers

Before our event we also have special promotions like our photo contest, the selection of the cycling and hiking route of the year and competitions that promote the Fiets en Wandelbeurs Online Experience. 

Of course, each year we will evaluate our campaign. This can lead to changes in the use of the above promotional resources.