fietsen en wandelen hebben de toekomst

Cycling & hiking are the future!

Activities such as cycling and hiking have the wind in their sails. Not only are they sustainable forms of travel, commuting and recreation, they also fit in with a more healthy lifestyle. According to various studies, cycling and hiking also have a positive effect on mental health. In other words: it makes you happy!

Boost due to corona crisis

The corona crisis has given this trend another boost. Millions of Europeans traveled on foot or by bicycle during the lockdowns. Bicycle shops could hardly cope with the demand. And several European cities accelerated the construction of cycle paths to facilitate the sudden influx of "new" cyclists.

The cycling and hiking legion

In the Netherlands and Flanders, millions of inhabitants discovered cycling and hiking long before the corona crisis. They like to be active in their own environment and during their holiday. For example, the Dutch hold approximately 1.1 million cycling holidays in their own country every year. Also, the Netherlands has 1.2 million enthusiasts who like to use the network of long-distance hiking trails  (LAW). Cycling and hiking are also popular in Belgium, and especially in Flanders.

The Fiets en Wandelbeurs is the starting point of the new cycling and hiking season for this legion of Flemish and Dutch enthusiasts. They are genuinely interested in the offer and are looking for information about routes, destinations and outdoor equipment. Exhibitors often call it "the nicest audience" they encounter at events.