Online Experience beeld

Concept Online Experience

You will reach the Dutch and Flemish cyslist and hiker with the two-day Fiets en Wandelbeurs Online Experience. The event is a go, corona crisis or not!

After purchasing a ticket, visitors could log-in on Friday the 23rd and/or Saturday the 24th of April 2021 on the interactive event platform. Exhibitors were virtually available these two days to answer any questions of interested visitors.  Just like the physical event, they could collect leads, chat with visitors and show brochures and videos.

Successful formula

We translated our successful formula of the Fiets and Wandelbeurs to a digital Online Experience. There still was a floor plan with stands, information markets with volunteers and presentations and workshops. This way the online event is still a great mix of information and experience. 

Benefits concept Online Experience

Despite the restrictive corona measures, the Online Experience is guaranteed to take place.

Netherlands and Flanders
With one participation you can reach your target group in The Netherlands and Flanders at the same time!

The event is very accessible for the consumer. They do not have to travel to visit the Experience. They can log-in during these two event days whenever suits them. After the event, they can still visit your stand for two weeks to download brochures for example. You do not have to be virtually present after the event is finished.

You don't need to travel, but can participate anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and internet connection. In this way you will of course save on travel costs and possibly also costs for accommodation.

Collect leads
Visitors can leave their contact details in your stand. This way you can easily collect leads. 

During the event you can (video)chat with one or more people. The Online Experience is not a ‘one way street’; you get in contact with visitors and can (video)chat in real time.

New target groups
The Online Experience is very accessible and will attract new target groups who maybe would not visit the physical event. Think of a younger group of cyclists and hikers or young families. 

Target groups

The Fiets en Wandelbeurs Online Experience targets the real recreational cyclist and hiker. Many exhibitors mention we have the nicest and most enthusiastic audience they have ever met. 


    • age: 90% is 50 years or older
    • education: 61% has a higher education
    • vacation: 45% goes on vacation more than 3 times a year
    • spending limit: €1.413 is the average budget per person.

The concept of the Online Experience gives us opportunities to reach a younger audience who are interested in cycling and hiking:

    • cyclists and hikers in the age group of 25-40 years
    • young families.