Additional promotion

Do you want to reach the right target audience over the course of two days and communicate with tens of thousands of cyclists and walkers? We offer unique opportunities in the area of promotion and sponsoring on and beyond your own stand.

Fair printing

All visitors in Amsterdam get a floor plan handed out. Circulation 25,000 copies. Advertise through your logo and stand number in the column next to the map.

Please note: limited number available, Size 60x20 mm 

Roll-up Banners

Displaying your banner on the islands in the cycling track or on the picnic spots on the exhibition floor.

Maximum dimensions (w x h) 1.50 by 2.00 meters.

Floor graphics

These graphics show the way to your stand or display your slogan or message.

1. The route will be set out from the entrance to the hall up to your stand.
2. 5 floor graphics on the cycling track. 

Posters and banners

Display your slogan, brand name or logo at prominent locations. 

  • in auditoriums
  • near cafe terraces
  • around the cycling track 
  • at the picnic spots. 

Banner of ca. 2.00 x 3.00 m at a prominent location:

Beach flags

These eyecatchers can be sited at various places: for instance at one of the many picnic plazas or around the cycling tracks.

Beach flag of 0.90 x 3.80 m.

Promo stand

A stand at a strategic spot near the entrance to a hall, where you will be sure of intensive footfall.
(stand 2 x 2m)

Photo competition

Do you have a new or an existing product that you would like to promote even more widely than just in your own stand? Why not consider sponsoring the photo competition? If you donate items as prizes, you get the following in return:

  • your company name, logo and an image of the item on the visitor website and in the consumer newsletter
  • placement of your items in prominent positions alongside the photos at the fair
  • your name and message on a large poster next to the exhibition

Need a printer?

You can have your promotional material printed by us. You supply the complete design and the specifications such as size, colour composition and such. We ensure that the promotion material is sited at your chosen location.

Prices on request.