own stand at E-bike Xperience

Build your own stand

If you build your own stand you only pay for the surface area plus the costs of any extra provisions you may wish to order such as carpet, electricity or rigging. The minimum uptake for a stand near the test track without demo bicycles is 9 m2, for a stand along the test track in Jaarbeurs with demo bicycles 15 m2.

Stand space near the test tracks

  • minimum uptake island stand: 6x6 meter
  • minimum uptake peninsula stand: 3x6 meter
  • minimum uptake corner stand: 3x3 meter   

Stand space along the test tracks

A pop-up tent with carpet and lighting is sufficient for stand construction. When you purchase stand space along the course, you will receive 1 meter over the entire width for free. You can use this space to hand out / park your bicycles. The test bikes that are not ridden must always be in your purchased space. In favour of the open character of the event, we request that you keep your stand accessible to the public on as many sides as possible. Don't have your own stand? Our stand builder is happy to make a custom stand design.

Stand design

Please submit your stand design to us before December 19th.


Furniture, carpet, parking tickets, etc. can be ordered via the Jaarbeurs web shop.
It will open in mid-November. You can then create an account and place your orders.

You can order various admission tickets via 'My events'.

Building height stands


Hall 2:
Maximum 4.60 meters in the entire hall.
In Hall 2, no rigging is possible.

Hall 4:
Maximum 7.00 meters in the entire hall.