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Covid-19 measures

The item 'safety' will be our top priority. Safety for our visitors, exhibitors, the many volunteers and the organization team.

We integrate the guidelines of the authorities and the protocols of the accommodations into a safety plan. By using time slots for visitors, we avoid crowds at the entrance areas and in the aisles. Keeping a distance of 1.5 meters is the norm and this can be easily achieved in Jaarbeurs. There are also additional measures in the field of hygiene. For example, contact surfaces are cleaned and additional stations with disinfectant are available.

All stand types will be possible in 2021. We can also receive visitor numbers from recent years - possibly due to longer opening hours. The time slots also offer an advantage: you have more time for high-quality conversations with the target group because the visitors are spread over the day.

Cancellation policy

In order to limit the risks for exhibitors as much as possible, we have adjusted cancellation conditions. If the fair is canceled due to corona, you will be refunded 80% of the participation amount, and you will receive 20% of this amount in the form of a voucher. You can redeem these at the next edition of the event. This condition also applies to exhibitors who cannot attend the event due to travel restrictions.

Read the cancellation conditions.

Protocol for exhibitors

A protocol has been drawn up for exhibitors, based on the 1.5 meter guideline and the recommended hygiene measures.

Read the protocol.

Note: This protocol is based on current guidelines, the situation in February 2021 may be different.