cargo bike test on the cycling bridge

E-bike Xperience

The only large-scale e-bike test event in the Netherlands will have a new edition in Jaarbeurs Utrecht on 7 & 8 May 2021. For two days, the consumer will again have the opportunity to try out e-bikes, e-mountain bikes and speed pedelecs from numerous brands.

Promising market

More than ever, cycling with electric assistance is in the spotlight. In recent months, sales have almost gone 'through the roof'. E-bikes and speed pedelecs are part of a more sustainable, healthier lifestyle and are safe alternatives to the car and public transport. Moreover, they can be the solution for traffic jams in and around the larger cities.

The concept

E-bike Xperience is the test event for e-bikes where the providers of e-bikes demonstrate and sell their products. An essential part is the almost 2 km long indoor test track. This offers different tracks with height differences and various types of surface and test elements. This gives visitors a great cycling experience. All major brands are present and this allows consumers to compare them well. The brand specialists present ensure that the visitor is provided with professional information. An e-bike can be purchased right away, but referral to the local dealer is also possible.

Visitor E-bike Xperience

Visitors come to the event to be informed and to test. They are in the final stage of the purchase process for an electric bicycle or speed pedelec. The "Fiets en Wandelbeurs" will also take place simultaneously with E-bike Xperience. Two events that complement and reinforce each other. Many Xperience visitors take a look at the 'neighbor' for accessories and cycling destinations. And vice versa, Fiets en Wandelbeurs visitors view and test the latest models at the test event.

Target groups

E-bike Xperience focuses primarily on two target groups: the recreational cyclist and the commuter cyclist. The trend in recent years has been for the e-bike buyer to rejuvenate. This also brings other target groups into the picture, such as parents with children and school children. By tapping into these younger target groups, a considerable growth in the number of visitors is possible.

6 reasons for participating in E-bike Xperience

  • contact with a large number of consumers with a direct purchase intention
  • direct sale possible
  • demonstrable ROI for participants by being able to qualify all visitors as leads and follow them up by means of registration at the test course
  • E-bike Xperience and Fiets en Wandelbeurs strengthen each other's position
  • the large test track is indoor, making it independent of weather influences
  • the visitors are of high quality and there is room for a considerable growth in numbers.