An own booth at E-bike Challenge

Build your own booth

If you build your own booth you only pay for the surface area plus the costs of any extra provisions you may wish to order such as carpet, electricity or rigging. The minimum uptake is 100 square feet. The minimum uptake fot a booth along the test track is 200 square feet.

Booth space along test track

A pop-up tent with carpet will do as booth construction. At least one side of your booth borders the test track, so please ensure you reserve some space to distribute your test bicycles. To serve the open character of the event, we advise you to keep all sides open to the public. If you do not have your own booth, our booth builder would be glad to make a customized design.


As an organization we like to prevent problems. Like blind walls in places your neighbors might object to, or building heights that could trigger conflicts. We would therefore appreciate it if you submit your booth design to us.

Building height stands

Hall A:

No more than 12 feet.