visitor e-bike challenge

New dates E-bike Challenge

After the event had already been postponed twice due to the corona crisis, the new dates E-bike Challenge for 2022 are now known. The Challenge will again take place in the Minneapolis Convention Center on April 2 and 3, 2022.

Join us

Are you looking to promote your e-bike brand, shop, accessories or destination? Then join us! You can build your own booth, choose one of our packages or ask for a custom design. Take a look at the prices. Direct sales of e-bikes and other products and services is allowed. 

Trends 2022 

Being outdoors is more important to the public than in previous years, and people are focused more than ever on health, outdoor recreation, cycling, and outdoor activities and destinations to help them stay fit, active, healthy and happy. What better place to meet your public and share what you have to offer than at the E-bike Challenge?  

Hike & Bike Xperience 

The Hike & Bike Xperience, aimed at cycling and hiking tourism, is part of the E-bike Challenge 2022. Destinations, travel agencies and other exhibitors present their packages and the cycling and hiking options at home and abroad. E-bikes and active tourism are a perfect combination and reinforce each other.

Please save the new dates E-bike Challenge! We hope to see you at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Also see our newsletter and social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, for more news and updates.