E-bikes are the future

E-bikes on the rise

E-bike sales in the USA were up 78% in the first quarter of 2018, according to the BPSA (Bicycle Product Suppliers Association). Electric bikes accounted for 9.8% of all wholesale bike sales, up from 5.5% in the same quarter of 2017.

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Europe shows what is possible. In the Netherlands, the world's market leader, e-bike sales count for over 40% of gross sales. Germany and other European countries follow with 20% to 30%.


Legislation and bicycle infrastructure were the main obstacles for the e-bike market. But the main obstacle now is that consumers are not familiar with e-bikes. They don’t know what they look like, how they ride, how they can change their life.

E-bike Challenge changes that. Starting in Minneapolis we will change how America thinks about the e-bike.

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