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Reminder: only two more days ..., and it's IBTC time!


The international Bicycle Tourism Conference (IBTC) kicks off on Wednesday 27th January at 09.30 a.m. An event that no professional in the field of cycling tourism should miss. Registration is still possible until Tuesday 26 January, 4 p.m. (CET).

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This time the IBTC is 100% online at a modest participation rate of € 37.50 excluding VAT. The event also lasts two days (Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 January) and presents 10 lectures and 7 roundtables.

Marketing, the influence of corona on bicycle tourism and bicycle camping are main themes in the lecture program. The roundtable program offers plenty of space to discuss this further or to exchange experiences.


In the spotlight: the roundtables

Boost from a crisis

Is bicycle tourism getting a boost from the corona crisis? This pressing question will be addressed in a session on Wednesday afternoon. Cycling and bicycle sales received a huge boost as a result of the restrictive corona measures. Will cycling tourism also benefit from this?


Cycling in & outside cities

The corona crisis has also accelerated the construction of bicycle paths in European cities. How can bicycle tourism respond to this? That is the subject of a second roundtable session. Will tourists soon be exploring the city by bicycle instead of public transport? And will the routes in the city also be connected to routes outside the metropolitan areas?

Tourism development & sustainable tourism

The development of bicycle tourism in a region or country and sustainable tourism as a weapon against climate change, are two other topics of roundtables. What lessons can we learn from the past, what steps can we take to achieve our goals? All ideas and comments are welcome.

Influencer marketing

On Thursday, new burning questions will be addressed in the sessions. What to do with the phenomenon of influencer marketing? Does it make sense to put influencers on bicycles to promote a route? A completely different topic is the management of international bicycle projects, where you have to negotiate with numerous parties at home and abroad. How do you get in line together and set out a good strategy?

Marketing challenge 

The roundtable program will conclude on Thursday with a marketing challenge: how do you attract cyclists at home and abroad to your routes? A website and some nice posts on social media are often not enough. Are there any other paths you can take to reach your goal?

Please note: a maximum of 10 chairs are available per roundtable. So register on time!

Please see the programme

With ten lectures by professionals from all over Europe and about three Roundtable Sessions per day, this second edition of the IBTC will once again be presenting a comprehensive programme of contents for everyone engaged in Bicycle Tourism on a professional basis.


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