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Influencer marketing & bicycle routes

Using Influencers in the marketing campaign is one of the new methods in online marketing. These days, being an influencer has become a proper job. So becoming an Influencer became the dream of many, primarily young people.

influencer taking pics on a bike trip

The more followers, the better?

There are minor influencers with only a few thousand followers, to major influencers with accounts with millions of followers. So payments for their services are pro rata, the more followers they have, the more it costs to have them to make a placement of a product, service, or event. But having more followers does not necessarily mean more results. If you have an influencer make a placement that has no bearing on the interests of their followers, then it will have little effect.

Essential component of marketing

Influencers have become a near essential component in a proper marketing campaign. Particularly when you want to reach a younger audience. People consult social media for inspiration/ideas about clothing, make-up, what to cook for dinner; and for holidays or vacations too. So the conclusion can be drawn; that it is a simple way to reach a lot of people quickly.

Traffic jams on the tracks?

But can the use of influencers also have disadvantages? In the past, when going ‘on your travels’ the aim was to discover new cultures, new places and new people and to become acquainted with them. But today there is another goal, to take the perfect picture. The locations which have been photographed in a certain way by the influencers, are suddenly to be seen everywhere. A good example of this, are the ‘Preikestolen’ in Norway, where you now have to queue to take a picture for Instagram.

So using an influencer can suddenly turn that one quiet bike route, into a congested one.

How do you deploy this relatively new marketing tool to good effect? How do you get the best results from influencers, and how do you reach the right target group?

Experiences with influencers

Sandrine Buffenoir from Atout France has much experience of working with influencers. At the IBTC 2021, she will be talking on how influencers can best be deployed.

Is the use of influencers just another hype that will soon disappear, or is it something that sticks around? How much can the use of influencers actually yield, what can be realistically expected of them?

The online presentation can be seen on the IBTC on 28th. January at 09:30.

With more than a dozen lectures by professionals from all over Europe and about three Round Table Sessions per day, this second edition of the IBTC will once again be presenting a comprehensive programme of contents for everyone engaged in Bicycle Tourism on a professional basis.


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