Hicle Holidays

Reach cyclists and hikers!

hikers in the mountains

Cycling and walking are in the spotlight more than ever. They are safe and sustainable forms of recreation. Moreover, they contribute to a healthy lifestyle. We as hiking and cycling specialists took this opportunity to launch a website for the dedicated cyclist and hiker: Hicleholidays.com. A website with the current holiday offer for cyclists and hikers, a target group which we have been familiar with for years.

Benefits Hicle Holidays

  • cycling and hiking are now, more than ever, in the spotlights as a safe form of recreation
  • website with a narrowly defined target group
  • budget-friendly advertising
  • no commissions, we are not a booking site!
  • a link to your website for more information and bookings
  • promotion through the use of our Hicle channels (Fiets en Wandelbeurs newsletters, social media, collaborations with relevant partners etc.)
  • the filters on the website help consumers quickly find relevant offers, endless searches on google are no longer necessary

Target audience

Hicle reaches the dedicated cyclist and hiker in the Netherlands and Flanders. A target group that searches online and offline for information about routes, destinations, accommodations and equipment.


  • 85% is 45+
  • 61% is highly educated
  • 1.413 euro budget p.p. for the main holiday
  • destinations: 61% own country, 86% Europe, 11% outside Europe
  • 45% go on holiday at least 3 times
  • overnight stay: 35% hotel, 37% camping, 36% B&B/hostel, 32% holiday apartment/resort

*figures visitor surveys ‘Fiets en Wandelbeurs’

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Choose the package that suits your offer and reach the right target group!

Core package

  • listing of 2 products/services, each product/service on an underlying page (= 2 pages in total)
  • available online until 31st March 2022
  • search filters to quickly guide the visitor to your offer 
  • final report
  • package price: € 220.00 (excl. vat)

Premium package

  • listing of 6 products / services, each product/service on an underlying page (= 6 pages in total)
  • available online until 31st March 2022
  • search filters to quickly guide the visitor to your offer
  • product/service of your choice appears on the homepage for two weeks
  • including 2 sponsored dedicated social media posts on Facebook Hicle, shared by Facebook Fiets and Wandelbeurs Netherlands and Flanders
  • package price: € 595.00 (excl. vat)

Optional: additional products / services

You can purchase multiple additional products / services for an additional rate of € 19.95 per additional product / service (on 1 page). This is only possible after purchasing the basic or premium package.

Blogs and banners

Inspire the site visitors by publishing a blog about a destination, accommodation or product! You can also have a banner placed on the site. Please contact . Prices on request.


What counts as 1 product / service on Hicleholidays.com? That depends on a number of things:

  • accommodations in 1 location (municipality) is 1 product / service
  • accommodations at multiple locations (municipalities) are multiple products / services
  • each travel initentary is a separate product / service

View the pdf with examples.

To advertise? Go to the online registration form (see button below). After registration, we publish the content on the site until the 31st of March, 2022. For more information, email or call +31 20 280 55 44.